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GNOSIS 1/2006

This issue comes out a few days later than anticipated and we apologize to our readers, but we preferred to wait until the 19th of January, the inauguration day of the Academic Year of the School of the Service, in order to publish, in “real” time, the participation of the Minister of State, of our Director and of Mr. Stefano Folli, editorial writer on the “Il Sole 24 ore”.
The inauguration of the Academic Year is, by tradition, a moment of twofold reflection: on the one side, the institutional one, which sees the Minister of State and the Director of Sisde, reflect ‘publicly’ on themes, problems and prospects of the emerging viewpoints regarding national security and, on the other, the considerations of a political expert and renowned journalist, Stefano Folli, who deals with a subject of great topicality: the relation (and clash) between terrorism and communications. As you will see, these contributions, for thoroughness and interest, well deserve the delay in publishing this issue.
In the other articles, we have continued the prospective analysis of themes of interest regarding international security (from the French suburban revolt to the Iraqi Constitution, from Korean nuclear plans to the extra-regional “interests” of the Hizbollah movement) without neglecting, however, the internal problems to be considered from the historical analysis and topical viewpoint.
The Fortugno murder, perpetrated during the course of the Calabrian ‘primaries’ has confirmed the subversive capacity of organized crime in a region where the “ndrangheta” seems to want to be considered as a ferocious and pervasive counter power, capable of conditioning political decisions and economical development. To analyze in depth and better define the magnitude and implications of the phenomenon, the opening “Forum” has been devoted to the “ndrangheta” with the contributions of five of the best experts in the field.
Lastly, a novelty: in the appendix, we have published the translation of the anti terrorism “package” passed by the British parliament, recently. In subsequent issues, we shall publish the rules regulations of other countries which, after September the 11th, decided to adjourn their legislation in reply to the challenge from international terrorism to the civilized world.
It is an initiative that we have undertaken upon requests from our attentive and authoritative readers, profound experts in the world of Intelligence, to whom go our sincere thanks.
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